Leaders from our ten partner parishes were asked, “Where did you see God at work in your life this month?”
Here are their testimonies:

“I have seen God at work in our current Alpha. This is the youngest Alpha that we have ever had. We had 20 people under the age of 25 sign up and another 20 more under the age of 35. It is super amazing to see so many young adult open to exploring faith.”

“On a personal note, I went to Chicago for a business conference for a week. All I was doing was helping a friend run it and it had nothing to do with the faith, however, the Lord showed up. In the middle of my small group Zoom meeting one night for my MA course, we brainstormed on the scripture from Luke that talks about how every minute of every day is supposed to be in prayer. We discussed what that might look like, and it came out that most of my small group doesn’t pray at all. This floored me but also went in a direction I had not anticipated. God convicted my own heart and prayer life and broke me in that moment. Yes I pray in the morning, evening, before meals, in adoration, at Mass, randomly throughout the day, but He convicted me as to the quality of my prayer life, specifically the listening component. After our Zoom call, I sat for an hour looking at the city of Chicago and weeping. I don’t weep. Ever. The Lord allowed me to draw close to Him without any words or seemingly any signs and yet I hadn’t felt this close to Him in a long time. I went to Chicago for a business meeting and I encountered the Living God.”

“I see God in my family, especially my wife who works at home so selflessly and my daughter who is developmentally delayed but has made so much progress in the past few weeks that her teachers are experimenting with reducing her accommodations.”

“I see God in so many ways…. in the ministries forming… in the transformations I am witnessing… and in the beautiful way the Holy Spirit takes hold of situations and empowers change.”

“This is a personal and professional testimony. My youngest son was baptized this month! It is such a wonderful thing to see my entire family (both by blood and by faith) witness such a beautiful and important moment in my son’s life. This moment was truly full of grace as I watch my son be born into God’s family and in doing so, gain such a wonderful faith community that has meant so much to me. I cannot wait to see what God has in store for my little one and to watch this wonderful community continue to surround him with faith and love and support as he grows.”

“I see God in how He has placed me where He needs me in conversations with parishioners every weekend.”

“Personally, God had blessed me and my family with a happy and healthy baby! As well as a job that I can work from home to bring in some income. With ministry, God has brought so many new faces to our group! So happy to see our ministry growing this year!”

“I see God in lots of ways, but pertinent to the Young Adult Initiative, engagement and accompaniment with these young adults. I’ve just come from a funeral for a stillborn baby. And speaking directly to the mom and dad of this little baby reminds me of the hunger so many people have that faith assists in filling.”

“God has been at work through the people around me. It has been a very rough month personally — registering over 400 students for our K-12 programs, bringing on a new Director of Religious Education, then a death in my family alongside contracting COVID for the 2nd time. With all of this, my support system of wonderful volunteers, staff members, friends and family have been prayer warriors and amazing hands and feet on the ground. Thank you Lord for those you have intentionally put around me!”

“God has been so faithful during this busy season in my life — I am working multiple jobs, and my PhD dissertation was due to my thesis committee. At times, it was tempting to cut back on young adult events and commitments because my schedule got so busy. However, when I took my concerns to God in prayer, I got a sense of peace and heard his voice saying “trust me.” And just like the widow with Elijah who had just enough oil and flour to make bread during the long drought, God provided just enough time this month for me to complete all my work and dissertation deadlines without having to cut back on my ministry priorities.”

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  1. Powerful testimonies. Thanks for your uplifting words.

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